by Baloo

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Thank You for listening.

Thank you Justin Nazario for working overtime in order to make this album come to life. Thank you to the Nazario family for letting us live in your basement and giving us a place to crash at anytime. Thank you Victory Brewing Company for providing us with delicious beverages during the time we spent in the studio. Thank you to all of our friends and family who have helped us push this record as far as it could go. This record is just the beginning. Stick around for what’s to come.


released June 2, 2017

Elijah Ehrhart- Guitar/ Vox/ Synth
Dylan Pettine- Bass
Dan Nazario -Drums/Tambourine/Shakers/Rain Stick//Backing Vox
Ben Cardine – Synth (Aajah)
Andrew Babin- Guitar Solo ( Aajah)
Lily Jenks- Basement Door (Groundhog Day/The Gypsy
Justin Nazario – Recording Engineer/Mixing/Mastering
Produced by-Baloo
Co-Produced by- Justin Nazario



all rights reserved


Baloo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Join our circus. See the world through our eyes and see how strange it can be.

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Track Name: Aajah
Take all your friends wishes day dreams and throw them away,
Come out and meet me at the place where I said that,
Whatever tomorrow brings, Aajah I wish the best for you,
And don't you choke

Love it
Cut it
Go on and take it off of
My heart

We will fall in such hard division,
I'll come back down from purple skies to see my own sun,
I hope it's wonderful to see me again,
In Aajah's bed,

You got me moving,
You got me grooved in baby,
Replace the space between us and come see Aajah again,

Well there's a place you can go yeah,
Where nobody knows ya,
Inside the mind of a lune,
I'll tell you the story of the sundance boy,
He can move, he can groove, he's got attitude
Track Name: Baby Ballerina
Well gee wiz,
Holy matrimony give me the pill,
Because the blonde hair beauty in the push up bra is making me ill,
She looks so good in her white lace tank top tight,
I'd love to blood sugar sex and magic you baby tonight.,

She was a cool lady,
A dancing baby just pouring my coffee taking orders for me,
It was the sweet talk maybe just the way she walked that had me losing my breath and shaking my stuff for her,
One, two, three, left, right, step, spin, step
Bend me on down pick me back up let me rest,
Dancing all night to the sound of the unsteady pumping heartbeat coming off of my chest,
I want you loving, kissing, dancing with me, and intimately pleasing me till death,

Well she must have been I damn right flat out thought she was a baby ballerina,
She caught me off step, by the second dance, yeah yeah
Baby ballerina,
She got my eyes wide open and slapped me on the ass to say yeah,
Baby ballerina,
So good, hollywood, they want you,
Baby ballerina,
She got my eyes wide opened and knocked me on the ass to say yeah
Track Name: Spirit Sucker (M*therFcker)
Get up and get a job spirit sucker,
Come on out to the farm house baby,
Come out and meet some friends and get connections,
Get out of bed around noon for a change,

I washed my hair in the sink for hours,
And cleaned my shoes with a tooth brush and whiskey,
I bypassed Christ when he needed a ride,
And walked out of Jehovahs parade,

I play my songs by the marquee,
And tip my hat to the frogs,
That came out to see me preach to the rain drops,
I left my monkey at home for the night,

Well K-mart model you should have stuck to teasing,
Givin' it up for a Levi's coupon,
Spreading your legs in daddy's soup kitchen,
Playing the martyr of your parents generation,

Well come on down to the party,
Show yourself to the cool cruel world,
Come on and meet the cronies,
Sell your soul for a diamond necklace,

In moonlight dances we'll sway,
Your candy necklace was my only weapon,
When toffee takeout is all we love,
Do you still think I'm beautiful?,

Come on Alabama,
Make me into a one girl man.
Come on Alabama baby,
Make me feel like a big big man
Track Name: Figure 8 (∞)
I'm washing dishes in a figure 8
I'm getting nervous as I'm starting my day race, yeah
I started rolling, and ended up waking up late

The common day job for the common mate
I'm slicing veggies, and washing plates, oh yeah
I haven't seen the sunset in seventeen days

I counted seven but go figure 8
I bet my boss is waiting to complain, oh yeah
I hope he hears this song and then he fucking fires me

Now open up my mind and see whats been waiting there for me, on the inside

Let me groove you to a figure 8
Come on over and we can communicate
About your essence, that's ravishing and sucking me dry

Well I've been down on my luck at the play house baby
Building the parts of my future self
Instead I blotted the paper and white washed my anguish, and found out that I need help
Sometimes I wish I was a butterfly, flying high up in the sky, so unaware of anything
Would you take the pills to get you there?
Would you fight yourself until you, fell asleep?
Track Name: Chrysalis
Feel like I'm in a chrysalis
It's pretty nice here to be honest
I feel like I've been living my life now for nineteen years and haven't learned one goddamn thing yet

Feel like I'm in a chrysalis
And outside it's always raining
Remember that time we went to Jarret Slear's party and we fell asleep in the street?

Feel like I'm in a chrysalis

Feel like I'm in a chrysalis
And outside it's always raining
I once bought this book off a Buddhist monk who said to me son that the rain never brought him down

You've stepped out of your shell and now you fly as free as the butterfly you once loved once did. And if you could put to words the things you feel now, the way you love, and the way you see the ones around you, the only other question to ask yourself would be... how does the mirror affect you?
Track Name: Balloonfest '86
I'm a junkie
I'm a playboy
I'm the self appointed judge of your real estate

I'm wearing chucks
I'm rocking denim
I'm flipping bags the size of the ones under my eyes

It doesn't matter
They couldn't catch me
For all the shit I talked on Bobby Kennedy

We soak the sun
We drink mimosas
We cruise the under pads of each others eyelids

And in the end
It doesn't matter
I'm breaking balloon capsules and sniffing the powder

I couldn't stop it and I couldn't reverse
When all my greatest instincts
Left me, at my worst

I wanna be just like Bobby Kennedy
I wanna feel him in me
Watch him now, here he comes

Child, set free your hundred-million balloons now
Let fire and rain be the last thing to break my creation
Ajah had cried when he saw all the people that died that way
I wonder if they can hear me, when I'm asleep, waiting to wake again, when everything will be ok
Track Name: Intro to (The Sundance Kid)
Track Name: Groundhog Day / The Gypsy
Sometimes you're so fucking bitter
Sometimes you're so fucking cold
I know that your're in there
I won't stop until you're dead
That beaver put me in a silence
It left me broke
I watched it boast

I know there's some place, you'd rather be
I know there's some place, you'd like to go

Don't let me go down without a fight
Don't let me break even again
I know that your in there
I won't stop until you're dead
They'll say: that there is one done dead groundhog

But I like the way it eats the pebbles out of my hands
And I like the way it strokes it's fur
I understand
That you are something so bold
You are something so, strange to me

And so I saw a former version of myself last night in a dream
He said to me, hey do you think I could see my mom?
And she wonders if I cry at night, before I go to sleep
And she can see my gun perched on the window sill

Oh temptations beak
Strikes a chord in me
This gypsy comes to me in my dreams
And stays just long enough to take
Everything she gave to me
Track Name: Hey Christian
Hey Christian
Place me in a box
Make it good enough to stay
I wanna hear you say,
Hey hey hey hey

Hey Christian
You're the reason I'm away
Cause when you left me here to rust
The tin man said
Hey hey hey

You're the reason I'm away
I'll never let me fall again
When no-one came to pick you up
I feel down with you to
And everyone just laughed the same
I wouldn't lie, I said the same
I'm so strung out my veins can sing

I'm tired of that evil gypsy woman
Taking my shit
And breaking my stuff
I'm gonna get that bitch, I swear to God, I'll break that broad's fucking neck

I saw you walk down the road
And since you've been gone I've been mad
I don't love you but know that,
I'm used to just having you around
I'm just used to that no good lying gypsy,
Here's to you breathing

Beautiful portraits of waves on the wall
Moving, they're soft
Go to the place where you'll find her of course
Lying in frost
Track Name: Race to the Marquee
I saw the neon lights lay and sunder
Then I pushed my eyes away like Peter Pan
I saw the neon lights lay and sunder
In this world, I wouldn't be anyone again

These colors were so bright
I stood so unsure
I wanted to know the things, I didn't before
I got caught up in past ones that happened back then
The thoughts of a life so grim, left me in the hatter's then
I came to place time
In the back of my pocket
I understood the meaning then
So I threw out my wallet
I walk to my old home and cried at the sight of
The thousands of small pieces that
Had made up a childhood

Benny boy, Benny boy
I don't like the stinkbugs
Benny boy, Benny boy
They kinda skeeve me out,
Benny boy, Benny boy,
Just thinking of the smell of those nasty brown things makes me wanna throw up

I got my eyes wide open, my head's out of the sand,
This gravity breaks me back down to the ground again
I got my eyes wide open, my head's out of the sand,
I might be lonely but at least I got my band
Track Name: Baloo's Eulogy
If I picked you up
And sat you down
And wrote the words
To talk about
All of these things you see, around you now

To stare,
To glare,
To gaze,
To flee,
Nobody's gonna take my girl from me
I'm gonna be, the king of the jungle

Run Ajah run boy,
Just as fast as you can
See the door's still open
If you wanna be a man
You traded me for stardust
Couldn't catch me if you tried again
All these bits and pieces bolts and things
Left there under your command
See I woke up just the other morn
Found your vomit on the floor
I found bits and pieces of your hair
Left there from the night before
I bet you found my Grateful Dead tapestry
Your girlfriend's underwear to
All misplaced and scattered there
All of it, left from you
Well there's no place for fighting here
You know we can't afford it
In this hell he call the jungle
Track Name: Anti-Folk (The Morning)
Bitch slapped hero's and cocaine killers
And a big black bag full of french guitars
I got all my biggest investments settled
Come settle down on my six inch stool
And watch the juke box singers and cigarette smokers play under my thumb for the fifteenth time
I've got half a bottle of jack, a bag of kroc, and a whole lot of bleach

Trapped in an expensive cage
Does it really fit you?

I got a stone cold fox with a heart of fire
And sixteen candles with nothing to light em with
A black leather jacket with red lapel
I'm gonna break your chains and tie you down again

Out of my hands and into your fingers
Like a Coupe De Ville with dark red lipstick
Singing songs about driving and breathing you in
Thinking looks were endowed and thinking looks were a sin
And screaming come on Satan, teach me how to trick me
If you give me the illness I'll give you the trick
You can see me sitting beside my ego
Naked, raped, cold, alone