Figure 8 // Chrysalis

by Baloo

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First single from our debut album 'Chrysalis'.


I'm washing dishes in a figure 8
I'm getting nervous as I'm starting my day race yeah
I started rolling, and ended up waking up late

The common day job for the common mate
I'm slicing veggies and washing plates oh yeah
I haven't seen the sunset in seventeen days

I counted seven but go figure 8
I bet my boss is waiting to complain oh yeah
I hope he hears this song and then he fucking fires me

Now open up my mind and see what's been waiting there for me
On the inside

Well I've been down on my luck at the playhouse baby
Building the parts of my future self
Instead I blotted the paper and whitewashed my anguish
And found out that I need help
Sometimes I wish I was a butterfly, flying high up in the sky
So unaware of anything
Would you take the pills to get you there?
Would you fight yourself until you fell asleep?


I feel like I'm in a Chrysalis
It's pretty nice here to be honest
Feel like I've been living my life now for nineteen years
And haven't learned one goddamn thing yet

Feel like I'm in a Chrysalis
And outside it's always raining
Remember that time we went to Jarrett Slear's party
And we fell asleep in the street

Feel like I'm in a Chrysalis

Feel like I'm in a Chrysalis
And outside it's always raining
I once bought this book off a Buddhist monk who said to me son
That the rain never brought him down

(You've stepped out of your shell and now you fly as free as the butterfly you once loved, once did. And if you could put to words the things you feel now, the way you love, and the way you see the ones around you, the only other question to ask yourself would be... how does the mirror affect you?)


released March 29, 2017
Elijah Ehrhart- Guitar/Vocals
Ethan Shaffer- Guitar
Dylan Pettine- Bass
Dan Nazario- Drums

Justin Nazario- Recording/Mixing/Mastering

Brie Walls- Cover Art



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Baloo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Join our circus. See the world through our eyes and see how strange it can be.

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